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By Dr. Cathy

Many of my patients have come to me and said, “Dr. Cathy, coming to your office has changed my life.” For this I am truly grateful. Thinking back over th

Chiropractic is the art and science of correcting imbalances in the body, mind and soul so that the consciousness within is directed in the way it was meant to express; perfectly. A Zone Healing office, such as ours, embraces the beauty of each individual and attempts to bring harmony within the “whole person”. My deepest most sincere aspiration is teaching my community and inspiring each person to dig deeper within, to learn to “know thyself” and to realize how fabulous each one of us is. The superficial ideas that surround us about health and healthcare need not take over our consciousness and create fear in our lives. We are so much more than a statistic or a risk factor.

Health is normal and we have a divine right to it. This is the truth. The truth of any message has always existed throughout eternity. I believe we must give ourselves a chance to let new/old truths penetrate and open our minds to the helpful influences all around us. “I am on my way to maturity when I can cheerfully accept the fact that I am not always right.” We may justify our actions, but often we only rationalize or sidestep the truth. As we dig deeper to uncover our motives we discover how painful it is to admit, even to ourselves, that we are wrong. I know that when I have been relying on my judgment alone, and have tried to correct what is wrong by using the wrong tools, I have reason for despair. I will learn to recognize my errors and see the roadblocks of self-will and self-righteousness I have been putting in my way. Then I will no longer insist that a thing is impossible just because I have been unable to accomplish it. Once I use humility and let myself be guided by the spirit within instead of my conscious mind (ego), my distorted outlook will be replaced by order and peace of mind.

I want to thank everyone for your effort and support in making Absolute Health Chiropractic a part of your health care. We have had a good year and Iʼm amazed how much our efforts assist and support others. Appreciation of others and the difficulties we encounter in our lives offer great lessons in humility. It is the ability to see ourselves honestly that sparks a feeling of Oneness with others and enables us to help another. When we are in this state we are doing the very best thatʼs within us and we feel connected. The truth is we are connected to the power that created the universe and everything in it. This truth helps me remember that whether I work with myself or another person, I am working with the essence of life that expresses as an individual and also as part of the Divine energy in us all.

Therein lies the difference between the activity of the human mind, guided by human motives, and the activity of your individual mind, when it is willing to receive the guidance of infinite intelligence and wisdom. This allows us to let go and become what we dream we can be. Buy into the truth about yourself and let go of limiting ideas of error.

Wishing you the healthiest and happiest holiday season!

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"Dr. Cathy is the best Chiropractor I have ever had.  I have been to doctors in Sarasota, Fl,  Knoxville, TN, and Washington D.C., Dr. Cathy has helped me the most!  Her Comprehensive, holistic and attentive approach is the difference" !!

Kristian Dennis
Atlanta, GA

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