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Dr. Catherine Franklin

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Dr. Catherine Franklin

Dr. Catherine Franklin is a Zone Healing Chiropractor with certifications in Massage Therapy and Nutrition. Dr. Franklin supports patients with life changing health programs using a holistic approach which creates optimal health and encompasses the whole person – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Her passionate mantra, “Everyone has a divine right to be healthy,” attracts patients from all walks of life into her office. People from across the United States come to experience healing under the skilled guidance of Dr. Franklin. Read the Patient Successes and Zone Healing sections of this site to see why.

Dr. Franklin practices in Sandy Springs, Georgia and actively supports her community. A passionate advocate of the true principles of healing, Dr. Franklin is the Lead Instructor for the Chiropractic Principles & Practice Seminars for continuing education credits for Doctors, co-sponsored by Life University and the Concept-Therapy Institute, throughout the U.S. and Sydney, Australia.

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Dr. Franklin's Background

Dr. Catherine Franklin hails from an extensive line of Chiropractors also practicing in the United States. Her personal experience in healing through Chiropractic after a serious automobile injury in 1986 contributed to her personal interest on how to achieve health.

This experience was the spark that has driven her to seek true understanding of healing and then pass it on to others. The extreme injuries received in this accident convinced doctors that she would never recover completely and regain all of her physical abilities. She overcame this physical and very emotional experience through the loving reassurance and expertise of her favorite Chiropractor and aunt, Dr. Joy Bauman.

A Jacksonville, Florida native, Dr. Franklin has a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida A & M / Florida State University. A graduate of Life University, Marietta, GA, 1995, Dr. Franklin continued a 10-year tenure as Professor in the Clinical Sciences Department teaching Orthopedic, Visceral and Neuro Diagnosis along with Clinical Assessment and preparing the students for the Chiropractic Boards.

In 1997, Dr. Franklin was introduced to Concept-Therapy and believed its principles of healing correlated perfectly with the Chiropractic philosophy; the missing link to her profession. She became certified as a Concept-Therapy Instructor and is one of a unique number of Zone Healing Doctors that practice in the United States.

Dr. Franklin has joined Life University's LifeForce 1000 – a membership of 1,000 dedicated chiropractors committed to shaping the future of chiropractic!

As a LifeForce Doctor, Dr. Franklin will be recruiting, referring and mentoring anyone interested in becoming a Chiropractor. Dr. Franklin will be hosting / speaking at several Student Recruitment Events (SRE's) to be announced.

Dr. Franklin encourages and welcomes anyone interested in becoming a chiropractic student at Life University to contact her at [email protected] or call 404-257-0188 for any questions or further information.

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