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Dr. Catherine Franklin
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Patient Successes

I need to say a few words about the “Sisters of Mercy” as I call the angels found at Absolute Health Chiropractic, under the leadership of Doctor Cathy!

Without a doubt you can be healed at Absolute Health Chiropractic but the real benefit is WELLNESS. Wellness is a continuing condition that is the ultimate gift received from a health care provider. This group is truly unusual in giving this rare care!

A few years ago I began my association with Absolute Health Chiropractic because of a knee that felt abused and complained all the time. When Doc Cathy put that part in its place, I needed to recreate the injury. She coaxed it back into place again. From there, I experienced a serious bout of lung and kidney illness. Without the care from Doc Cathy and the Sisters of Mercy I would not be as whole and healthy as I am. The wholeness from this place is more than the extraordinary adjustments and useful reading materials; it’s the feeling of care, openness and warmth. This heals the inner self.

I would suggest that to remain healthy and whole one should visit The Sisters of Mercy as often as possible and receive the encouragement to continue to grow into wholeness and fullness.

I know you (Dr. Cathy and Sisters of Mercy) didn’t ask for this praise and I wouldn’t want to embarrass you, but I really needed to say this, which I’ve wanted to express for some time. Love to you all.

~ Sal Brownfield, artist

Awesome care! I've been going to Dr. Cathy for almost 10 years. She is an awesome chiropractor! If you want a warm, friendly, healthy environment visit Absolute Health!

~ Martha F.

Can you say "I feel great"? I knew Dr. Franklin was great – but did not realize how great until I recently injured my shoulder! I was in so much pain and my shoulder hurt so bad that I thought I was going to require surgery. I scheduled an appointment w/ Dr. Franklin to see if she could help, and after about an hour, she had me feeling like a new man. Not only did I feel better, I now know I will not require surgery. Thanks Dr. Franklin.

PS. Until I had the fortune of meeting Dr. Franklin, I never thought a chiropractor could help me. Now I visit Dr. Franklin even when I feel a cold coming on and not only does she make me feel better, my cold is gone the next day or just lasts a day or two vs. weeks.

Don’t live in pain – call the Dr. that can actually help. Dr. Catherine Franklin and her staff are outstanding!

~ Speltz

I have been a patient of Dr. Cathy’s for a little over a year. For approximately 30 years I have lived with chronic back pain. Surgery has always been an option, however, when reviewing the available information, the risk never seemed worth the possible reward.

I had never heard of zone healing, but the encouragement from a friend led me to visit with Dr. Cathy. While not totally pain free, my back continues to improve and I feel better than I have in many years. I have referred at least 10 people to Dr. Cathy and all have thanked me profusely.

~ Ed G.

I came to see Dr. Franklin because my other chiropractor did not make me believe that I was healthy. Instead, he would hook me up to a machine for 5 minutes, give an adjustment in 2 minutes and I was out the door in less than 10 minutes with no discussion about my health.

With Dr. Franklin, I learned that health isn’t something done TO ME, but something I have to participate in. She helped me understand the way I think about myself and how the actions I take during the day contribute to my overall health.

I would recommend Zone Healing with Dr. Franklin for anyone- it works! I responded to Zone Healing immediately. There was a fast release of tension and I was sleeping soundly at night.

~ Audrey M.

Dr. Cathy has been my primary healer for the past 10 years. With zone healing, she taught me that healing is a package deal. It not only requires Dr. Cathy and her adjustments, it also requires me to do my part, both physically and emotionally.

She explained that the deterioration of my neck and lower back were something I could heal and live a pain free life. I am now 68 years old and still baffle the medical profession with reducing my cholesterol 100 points in 6 weeks through Dr. Franklin’s recommended diet program.

Dr. Franklin has seen me through 2 major car accidents and my most recent hip replacement surgery. Her guidance and logical explanations aided my recovery and healing process. Attending her Rays of the Dawn Tuesday night classes helped me move forward in addressing my physical well being and rebuilding my life. Over the years it has been my privilege to refer family and friends to Dr. Cathy’s care. She has made a difference in all of their lives.

Now as I move forward with a pain free life with lots of work to do for an even better life, I have Dr. Cathy to thank. She has given me hope when I thought there was none. I will forever be grateful for her care and medical talent.

~ Judy D.

"Cease listening with the mind and listen with the vital spirit" – Chaung Tzu

I so love the quote above by Chuang Tzu. It embodies all that we've been discussing since I first started seeing you. How true it is – my spirit is filled with so much more wisdom and compassion than my mind!

I am truly blessed to be able to both recognize and appreciate my divinity and the divinity in every being.

Thanks, thanks, thanks for your wonderful gift of healing. I look forward to my visits with you. I always leave your office feeling refreshed and more in tune with myself. It is such a pleasure to work with a woman who is as compassionate, wise, and intuitive as you are. You Rock!!

~ Jen B.

I believe I would be learning to get around on crutches or in a wheel chair, had I not made the time to seek Dr. Cathy's help. Not only did she and her amazing staff help me, they made me feel like family. I still regularly use the electrodes (Tens Unit) I bought and religiously do the stretches and exercises prescribed to me.

My body is in great shape from a skeletal and muscular perspective, but Dr. Cathy didn't stop there. She shared her knowledge of a simple body cleanse (The Inner Klean Diet) that I could do regularly and at age 54, I have less than 7% body fat and a blood pressure of 114/74! I eat an organic diet and feel great!

You think that one would stop there, but Dr. Cathy also pointed me in a spiritual direction that has changed my life. The Rays of the Dawn text so deeply touched me, that several passages were used by the Padre that officiated at my wedding and a few others were incorporated into my wedding vows.

In summation, Dr. Cathy is LOVE. Absolutely with no opposites or conditions. Her love of what she does makes her the best at her vocation, her love of learning keeps her on the cutting edge of knowledge and her love of teaching makes me a great pupil. I am and want to be a better person because of her love.

~ Steve Buckley

In 2007, I was working in the service industry and had injured my neck while bartending. I tried a regular chiropractor and then another doctor, but the pain in my neck lingered and I was getting frustrated.

A good friend of mine introduced me to Zone Healing and Concept-Therapy with Dr. Cathy. Since then I have been in much less pain and I found myself completely trusting and feeling changes both physical and mental.

I have experienced a sense of peace, when leaving Dr. Cathy’s office; I feel light, open-minded and even happy. And my energy level is so much better! I was excited that I didn’t even want that cup of coffee in the morning or the bad eating habits.

I am very grateful for the wonderful ongoing friendship of Dr. Cathy, Jacqui Garcia and the animated Diana Bragg.

~ Sean Shull

Dr. Franklin and Absolute Health Chiropractic were instrumental in me finishing my very first marathon. I have always wanted to run a marathon and signed up for the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco in October. I had been following a rigid training program but found myself sore and "out of whack" from so much running.

Seeing Dr. Cathy routinely helped me to keep in running form and maintain my training program, to realize my goal of running 26.2 miles. I completed the race in grand fashion... getting the coveted Tiffany's necklace at the finish line!!!

Thanks Dr. Cathy!!! With great appreciation

~ Kate Lonis

I came to Dr. Franklin because of a painful knee; now three and a half months later my knee is no longer painful and stiff. But that is only the beginning of the positive changes. Under her supervision, I have changed the way I eat and have greatly increased my level of exercise. I'm not sure I have ever been in such good condition, even twenty years ago! I have gone from 138.25 to 129 pounds, but more importantly have decreased body fat from 31% to 29%, thereby increasing muscle mass. Best of all I have energy and enthusiasm. Thank you Dr. Cathy and Jacqui!!

~ Katherine K.

When I first arrived a Absolute Health Chiropractic, I could barely walk, could not stand or sit comfortably due to an extremely painful lower back injury. In two short visits, Dr. Franklin had me feeling great and starting rehabilitation exercises already!

Along with the mind, body and spiritual education that Dr. Franklin and her great support staff have given me, they have also inspired me toward a clear and encouraging blueprint of how to better my life (i.e. health) that will guide me throughout my days.

I cannot fathom that anyone in all walks of life could not benefit greatly from taking their health into their hands with the help, warmth and guidance of Absolute Health Chiropractic.

I now eat smarter, exercise more, and can actually touch my toes thanks to Dr. Franklin. I feel there is nothing I can't achieve! Thank you Dr. Franklin!

~ Peter O.

Dr. Franklin, I cannot say thank you enough for your help in steering my health back in the right direction. You're a wonderful doctor who treats her patients with genuine care which means more than you can imagine. I'm glad to say my health is still improving and I do not know if I have ever felt better.

Thank you for teaching me how to take charge of my health instead of letting it take charge of me.

~ Trayce N.

When I came to Dr. Franklin I had major problems standing and walking. I had a twisted pelvis, herniated disk and the sciatic nerve on my right side was swollen and inflamed from my spine to my ankle. Chronic pain had become part of my life. I had been to another chiropractor with out any success. My injuries far exceeded the doctor's ability to treat me.

My medical doctors had sent me to physical therapy and the pain clinic. In the pain clinic I had received three cortisone injections that gave me no relief. My doctors had given up and surgery was my final option.

Dr. Franklin reviewed my x-rays and told me surgery was not needed and she could help me. Dr. Franklin taught me to change my diet, be positive about healing through my mind, body and spirit.

In about a month I was walking, stretching and doing light exercise. Today I'm back at the gym and going on with my life.

Thank you Dr. Franklin you saved me from surgery and allowed my to return to my active life. Also thank you, Jacqui for all your encouragement to keep going forward.

~ Bobby H.

Dr. Cathy sets a high standard for health care practitioners across the board. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, patient, and energetic - everything you would want the perfect doctor to be. I originally sought treatment from Dr. Cathy for neck and back pain. Not only did she successfully treat my pain, but she taught me its causes and how to prevent it. I recommend a visit to Dr. Cathy for anyone who experiences chronic pain, especially if you have come to believe that pain is inevitable. Dr. Cathy can show you it's not.

~ Julie B.

When I came to Dr. Cathy, I had knees that needed to be replaced diabetes and high blood pressure. There was pain on top of pain all over my body. I was unable to stand long enough to take a shower. I could barely walk, I was in constant pain with each step I made. I could go on and on about the ailments I had. Dr. Cathy identified the core issues of what was wrong with me. She has shown me everything that I am going through could not be solved by taking pills for pain and getting my knees replaced. She let me know that your mind, body and soul have to be in tune to live healthy. With her help I now see that I again can have a healthier life. I came to her using a cane, I don’t need it now, I could barely walk, now I go shopping without using the electric carts in stores. I cut back on my medications that I take for Diabetes, and high blood pressure.

~ Nancy Alexander

"My life is a story filled with repeated crises of almost every degree, beginning at an early age. Disastrous personal relationships, financial crisis, and chronic health issues plagued me for most of my adult years. Each life disaster was worse than the previous one.

With no knowledge such as Concept-Therapy teaches, I formed deep seated beliefs and concepts that perpetuated these crises in my life. I came to believe that all my problems were caused by someone or something else over which I had no control, and that life was a meaningless and random chain of events. The result was a chronic state of hopelessness.

By the time I was introduced to Concept-Therapy, I was beginning to let of go of the desire to continue on. Life was just an ongoing unhappy experience for me. My mantra became, "What's the use of trying?"

I've attended many Concept-Therapy classes, including the upper phases of the teaching. As a result of having this knowledge and learning how to apply it, I've watched my life transform before my eyes. No more crisis. I'm learning to recognize the negative forces in my own mind that created my hell. I'm beginning to experience peace and health for the first time. Fear and pain are taking a back seat and receding in my world.

I would say to anyone who asks, take a CT class. Learn to "Know Thyself" and watch what happens. The answers to your problems are within you. Going within is a journey that will rock your world and show you the "Peace that passes all understanding."

~ K. Peck

Dr. Cathy, also known as "Dr. Feel Good" in our family and her wonderful staff has forever influenced my life beyond my greatest expectations. Not only has she tremendously helped my chronic back pain, she has impacted my mental, physical and spiritual health, and I cannot imagine my life without this encounter and relationship with Absolute Health Chiropractic.

~ Courtney P.

Dr. Franklin has taught me that I am strong and my body is tremendously strong."

~ Patti H.

Since coming to Absolute Health Chiropractic, Patti has reduced the amount of medication she needs to take, improved her ability to walk unassisted, started a stretching program and reduced her cigarette smoking by 50%.

Even a skeptic has to believe when the pain goes away! My initial visit to Cathy was prompted by localized low back pain and persistent general backache. Hoping for some relief, I was extremely pleased when the issues were completely resolved.

~ Dan W.

Dan is President of Weidmann & Associates, Inc., a residential remodeling contractor, which has a number of clients who also enjoy the services of Absolute Health Chiropractic

I landed in Dr. Catherine Franklin's office in 1999, a desperately stressed out anemic 35 year old woman searching for answers to an ongoing fibroid dilemma. Prior to that initial visit, I had been experiencing 4-5 years of progressive excessive bleeding and cramping during my menstrual cycles. At times I landed in the emergency room and I was fearful of social situations because my physical health was so unpredictable. After a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and anemia was reached, I pursued treatment from various traditional medical physicians only to be frustrated by conflicting opinions and lackluster results. Luckily, I have a network of friends that believe in alternative medicine and my friend, Amanda, suggested that I see her holistic Chiropractor, who had done wonders for her medical condition. I had never considered chiropractic care as anything that would be useful for my problems, but then I didn’t know any better.

Desperate to try anything before succumbing to "the knife", I gave Dr. Franklin a shot and entered into any ongoing education regarding my health that I never knew existed. Dr. Cathy's warm outgoing personality and intuitive nature allowed me to relax and accept that there were underlying factors contributing to my health crisis such as nutrition, issues confronting me in my personal life, and thought/behavioral patterns.

She asked me to commit myself to a personal health contract and gave me tools to take charge of the physical, mental and emotional aspects of my life. With her expert guidance and encouragement I was able to get mind, body and soul back on track.

Seeking treatment through Absolute Health Chiropractic was the boldest and best decision I could ever have made. All my questions and doubts were addressed and my health issues did a 180 degree turnaround. I no longer experience the painful fibroid issues of the past and I am a much happier, healthier and less judgmental person thanks to Dr. Franklin. I will forever be her indebted student, patient, and friend.

~ Jacqui G.

My mother, being a pharmacist in the traditional medical field, had no use for chiropractors and saw no need to seek the services of one since I had no "back problems". As a favor to a friend, I attended a lecture given by Dr. Franklin at the Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore. The metaphysical approach to health that she discussed piqued my interest, so I decided to take her up on the free consultation she offered as part of the lecture. That was a life changing decision!!! Using the Concept Therapy principles, I have been able to improve my general health make great strides in my constant struggle with allergies and asthma. Who would have thought that a chiropractor could be so beneficial in these areas! Certainly not my mother!

I am so thankful for the help and guidance that Dr. Franklin has provided and heartily recommend her services to everyone!

~ Linda B.

When I was asked to share my feelings about Dr. Franklin (Doc) immediately I felt privileged and excited. Doc has done so much for my family and me and I jumped at the opportunity. I soon realized I had a challenge: how to share my experience without being long winded.

To say Doc is wise beyond her years is understated. With a tremendous knowledge base, Doc has a unique ability to share her insight. Dr. Franklin can "break-it-down" (ability to communicate on your level, that you can understand, no matter your state of mind)

Climbing out of a ditch after being tossed 30ft in a motorcycle accident, I said to myself: "I'm ok, Doc will fix it!" Trying out for a new team and working hard to make the starting line-up, I was faced with a sprained ankle, swollen knee and a sore shoulder. Doc understood. Rather than tell me to "sit and rest", Doc stuck-up for me and did everything in her power to get me back on the field.

Doctor Cathy Franklin transcends chiropractic. The wisdom she carries makes everyone around her better. She is compassionate and understanding. She is a pillar you can rely on, a spark that derives the spirit, and a shoulder to cry on. Doc has the hug you need when the work is done. Doc is not just a friend, she is family.

~ Jason P.

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