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Payment Options

Absolute Health Chiropractic, Inc. believes in the value of chiropractic care for you and your family toward the goal of achieving total health and wellness. Therefore, we have created a pricing structure that is flexible enough to allow you to get the chiropractic care you need, no matter what your budget. We also accept auto accident cases that result in back pain, headaches or other symptoms which can be addressed with chiropractic care. To learn more about our payment options for chiropractic and wellness care, you can call our Sandy Springs  chiropractic office directly at (404) 257-0188 and one of our friendly staff will be happy to answer all your questions.

Absolute Health Chiropractic is an OUT of NETWORK office which means that we no longer take insurance assignment. That is, no longer do we process your insurance as part of the practice. Instead, we will be accepting fee for service: cash, check, or credit card. We will provide you with documents to be able to submit and receive reimbursements from your insurance company, according to your policy. You will still benefit from the coverage of your policy , but you will be the one dealing directly with your insurance company. We have chosen to have a contract with you the patient, and not with the insurance company.

 On each visit you will be responsible for payment in full of services on that day. We will then provide you with a Superbill receipt so that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. To do this you will need to contact your insurance company to get the appropriate Payment Reimbursement Form. Our goal is to make it as predictable, affordable, and accessible as possible. We want to work directly with you, our patient, without interference from numerous insurance companies. We will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have about this office policy.

Q&A for the Insurance Policy 

As most of you probably know by now we have thought long and hard about pulling out from being IN Network with the insurance companies, we have sent out several notices of these changes and have gotten some questions we would like to address.

Q: Does this mean that you will be Out of Network?

A: Yes

Q: Can I still use my insurance?

A: Yes! Absolutely. You still get the benefits of your policy, but you file the paperwork instead of us.

Q: Will I be reimbursed?

A: Yes, instead of a copay, you pay us for the services at the time of your visit. Afterwards your visit, you send off the paperwork. Then the insurance company will make a payment to you, according to your policy and chiropractic benefits.

Q: How do I file the paperwork?

A: We will do all the proper coding and notes etc, and provide you with a Super Bill. Then you send that Super Bill along with the form your insurance company requires for reimbursement.

Q: How do I find the forms needed to send off?

A: Many companies have their forms posted online and are simple to find. Each insurance company is different, so you will need to contact your individual company for the particular forms they want and where they are located.

Our goal at Absolute Health Chiropractic, Inc. is to allow everyone to experience the benefits of chiropractic care and adjustments. Especially as they discover that chiropractic care is actually extremely cost-effective and affordable. For these patients, chiropractic care is often cheaper and more effective than alternative pain treatments such as pain medications or invasive surgery.

Our focus at Absolute Health Chiropractic, Inc. is to actively help you and your family in taking responsibility for your total health, wellness, and disease management. Our chiropractors will assist and guide you as you take the time to care for some of the most important people in your world: you and your family. In an effort to make living the wellness lifestyle as easy and affordable as possible, we create a customized chiropractic plan that is specific to you and your family.

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PCI Compliant

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