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Chiropractic Principles Practice

Chiropractic Principles & Practice

The Birth of Zone Healing Chiropractic Principles & Practice

Dr. Franklin introduced Zone Healing to the Post Graduate Department of Life University in Marietta, Georgia, developing the coursework for license renewal. In 2007, the coursework, Chiropractic Principles & Practice (CPP), was approved for co-sponsorship with Life University and the Concept-Therapy Institute in San Antonio, Texas.

Dr. Franklin and her teaching partners took this information worldwide and began teaching other doctors the Zone Healing Technique developed by Dr. Thurman Fleet, founder of Concept-Therapy. Dr. Franklin led successful CPP Seminars in Denver, New York, Atlanta, Orlando, Los Angeles and Sydney, Australia.

Coordinating and assisting the CPP seminars with Dr. Franklin, Jacqui Garcia was able to observe the reception of the attending doctors:

I have to say that in every city where we hosted the CPP Seminar, from New York to Sydney, Australia, the doctors' reactions to the Zone Healing Technique and the Concept-Therapy work were always enthusiastic and appreciative. They were hungry for something more to help them become more effective as doctors and healers and this vital information was setting off light bulbs for them.
Most were ready to incorporate Zone Healing into their practice as soon as possible!

The Growth of CPP

A nationwide advertising campaign was launched by the Concept-Therapy Institute to bring awareness of this teaching to more doctors.

For more information on CPP check out these websites:

The Concept-Therapy Institute

Zone Doctors

What does this mean for you, the patient? The number of Zone Healing doctors available to the public will increase. This 80-year-old healing technique will become widely accessible to more people. Increased understanding of what makes us healthy will create more health for all of us. It serves the individual. It serves humanity.

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