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Life Coach Tips: Engage!

Dr. Cathy’s Life Coach Tips

Is it possible our bodies are a reflection of our lives? Many meta-physicians have taught this idea through the ages! Today we are more open and advanced in our thinking and correlation than ever before, but when it comes to our own reality it seems harder than ever to connect the dots of ourselves.

Everyone can develop their inner faculties of perception, will, reason, imagination and intuition and when one does his/her ability to see life around them, through them and in them is potentially improved. What is the purpose of my life? Is it a mystery? I believe our purpose in life is not a secret. That we are here to engage, live, love, play, express, create and experience all of life, not just what we like, avoiding what we donʼt.

Life is a contact sport, and I encourage myself and others to engage in and find out how to express all thatʼs in us.

Take some time to reflect the idea of you. Do you celebrate yourself just for Being? Consider how our bodies must respond to our inner thinking, feeling and reactions, to our life and let your inner faculties assist you in the correlation of you and your life.

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