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The Power of Oneness


Excerpt from Dr. Cathy's powerful talk at 
The Concept-Therapy Zone Healing for Doctors Seminar 
October 8, 2011 in Marietta, GA 

A composite is made when two people come together in agreement (FAITH) or by fascination and explains all spontaneous healing. There is only One life, One Consciousness, and that One is the consciousness of you and the consciousness of me.

When we are in this conscious oneness, we become so much a part of one another that what one is thinking about Truth, or the X, the other is hearing, but no transference of thought is involved and should not be so construed. We are not One in our human-hood instead we are one in the X, and all that is being imparted is the divine idea flowing in consciousness.

For this reason those who are aware of the principle of One power need never be concerned about suffering from other peoplesʼ thoughts. All the suffering on earth, regardless of its form or nature is a product of the Universal Belief in duality and therefore Universal Harmony will only be restored when we realize that God is within. Separation is the cause of all problems. Oneness is the Cure.

This is the definition of Avatar – one who knows that the One power is within them. The divine idea of Spiritual Freedom is the setting of people free in their consciousness; free from slavery to person or thing, they would be free in fact.

Therefore, our work lies within our own being and consists of reaching that spiritual consciousness in which there is no temptation to accept the universe and individual being as other than the X or God appearing as the Universe or Individual being.

Keep in mind even a harmonious body does not necessarily express health because health is more than the absence of disease. It is an eternal state of Spiritual Being. Furthermore, human goodness is but the opposite of human badness and is not the spiritual state of being which we must realize and achieve in our approach to life.

The X is the underlying substance and reality of all form. What we see, hear, taste, touch and smell is the product of the conscious mind, or mortal material and finite sense. The sum total of human beings in the world, under what is termed material law (Medical, Theological, Economic), has set up this finite sense of the universe which we see, hear, taste, touch and smell. Nothing is what it appears to be. All of us could look at the same object and see it differently. WHY? Because each one of us interprets the object in the light of the education, environment, and background of his individual experience.

To understand that what we see represents only our concept of what is actually there is important, because on this point we make or lose our healing consciousness. The X created all that was created and all that is created is as it should be.

Therefore, this whole world, whether seen as human beings, animals, vegetables or minerals, is God manifest. But when we see it, we do not see it as it is; we see only our finite concept of it. This is of vital importance, because it is on this premise that all HEALING is based. A lack of recognition of this point accounts for 95 percent of the failure in healing. Many doctors are trying to heal the physical body, yet it cannot be healed, because there is nothing a doctor can do to a physical body, but when he changes his CONCEPT of the body, the body responds to that higher concept. Then the patient says, “I am healed!” but he has not been healed: He was perfect in the beginning. What was wrong was not in the body, but in his false concept of himself and his body. This doesnʼt mean we, as doctors, donʼt treat (we do and we must!) but the doctor who grasps this truth is the One you want to know as a healer and through this higher consciousness his treatment is superior to all modalities!

Grasp this idea – doctors, parents, teachers, everyone! This is the higher consciousness of which we all are.

Catherine Franklin, B.S., D.C.

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