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Sleepless in Atlanta – Phase 2

By Diana Bragg

Hi everyone! Once more, I am so excited to share my journey with you. Websterʼs dictionary describes sleep as the natural, regularly recurring rest for the body, during which there is little or no conscious thought. I have finally reached that stage of nirvana in my life!

In my previous story, Sleepless in Atlanta: Phase 1, I was diagnosed with chronic insomnia since the age of eight. Currently, Iʼm in Phase Two of the Neurotransmitter test. My body is naturally craving rest and is developing a natural sleep rhythm, so life is great. The new sleep cycle has gone from four hours to six hours consecutively. On my days off, naps are a welcome blessing and I can still sleep a full six hours once I settle down for the night. Prior to that napping would have been a disaster. The nap would have been the equivalent of the entire nightʼs rest.

The results of the test and the supplements have given me back my life, mentally, spirituality, and physically. One of the most important things I lacked was daytime energy. Now that has been given back to me. I can now define “normal” as a good thing.

The supplements have also been instrumental in controlling the “internal rages” I experienced on a daily basis. A lifetime of being sleep deprived left me internally irritable everyday. Quick reactions to situations and people have all but gone away. To be at peace and be able to let things roll off my back is wonderful.

Life is a special journey for all of us, and how we choose to travel that road is up to us. The ability and free will given to us helps us to make informed decisions and choices. Taking this step to reclaim my life, has given me a freedom that is indescribable. I encourage everyone who can identify with my story to try the Neurotransmitter testing!

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