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The Quest For Health Not Belly Fat!

By Dr. Cathy

Over the last two years, I have been on a quest to get as healthy as possible. This being my goal, I have really taken a hard look at what I knew and what I was actually applying and have found several areas to improve. Being blessed with a strong internal constitution, immune system and physical strength, I found I was overlooking areas of my life and lifestyle in this quest.

Since my real image was to get as healthy as possible, rather than just lose weight, which has been one of my goals, it gave me a broad umbrella from which all other aspects could follow. This is where I had failed in the past by setting too small a goal.

I could always lose weight but I could always gain weight too. With this new wide spectrum approach it was easier to be aware of why sticking to the program I had set for myself would get me to my goals. I became very mindful of where and when I might “sabotage” myself. You know, the little voice inside our heads that says, “you could go home tonight and rest, you worked hard yesterday! It will be ok if you miss one day of aerobics!” or “Go ahead and have a little ice cream you worked hard today!” Of course you know the voice!

With my goal of getting as healthy as possible I learned to be very mindful of sticking to the facts, and was less likely to let myself drift into a false reality.

Cause and Effect is really quite simple. Only I have the ability to make choices that are right for me at the time and in line with the end results. Quite frankly when I put all this out and looked at it honestly, it was very clear and easier than I had imagined.

So I assessed myself, which is no easy task! This is what I found:

1. I exercised inconsistently – The Law of Movement.

2. I indulged in foods and drinks that increased sugar in the blood – Triglycerides – increasing risk for cardiovascular and vascular diseases, including heart attack!

3. Sleep, rest and fun were often sacrificed – The Laws of Rest and Recuperation – necessary for restoring health.

4. I wasnʼt eliminating efficiently – not enough fiber rich foods (vegetables and fruits), and water.

So this is what I did:

1. Exercise: aerobics 6 days a week (minimum 30 min., increase to 60 min.).

2. Detoxifying diet for 30 days – using the Metagenicsʼ Renew Medical Food and our Inner Klean Diet (IKD) to cleanse and jumpstart metabolism. I increased healthy fluids; water, soup, vegetable juices and herbal teas. I continue to use the IKD every 3 months, but Renew is designed to remove heavy metals as well.

3. More sleep, restful activities and FUN!

4. Sanitation or internal cleansing began to take place due to its inverse relationship to the first 3 laws.

As I began to get busy with the physical laws I put into place, I also took action in applying the laws of the mind and the soul. “Walking the walk”, I put my renewed image up in my closet on the dressing mirror so I could see it daily. This resulted in being mindful of the thoughts I was thinking and how I was feeling. When I did this I became more acutely aware of what I was feeling, and more importantly, why.

I started the Metagenicsʼ Belly Fat Diet, which is a modified Mediterranean diet; 1-2 cups of certain vegetables, specific serving sizes of fruits, 1/2 cup gluten-free grains, 3 ounce portions of healthy lean meats (preferably organic or free range) and definitely wild caught fish, omega-rich oils, nuts, seeds, legumes/beans and seasonings. Lots of variety and portion control. Most importantly, the targeted nutrition program includes consuming a research-tested medical food smoothie 2 times daily either as a meal or snack. (tasty too!)

I was eating 6 portioned meals daily, drinking plenty of water and herbal teas and while 1 cup of coffee is allowed on the diet, I chose not to drink it. I was definitely not hungry and found my metabolism was working better within a few days. I also slept better and had more energy in daily routines as well as workouts. Wow, and I thought I was doing great before!

Now for the best part! After putting all this to work, I went to my internist to take a battery of tests; lipid panels for cholesterol, triglycerides, CBC, EKG and thyroid, kidney and liver function tests. These are the results compared with last yearʼs.

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