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Why Take a Concept-Therapy Class?

By Dr. Cathy

As many of you know June 18th we are teaching a Concept-Therapy class for patients, family and friends to introduce the principles behind health, happiness, success and peace in the life of all things, especially human beings. August 12th and 13th is a Southeast Regional event you donʼt want to miss here in Atlanta, GA!

I suggest to all my patients that they become students of Concept-Therapy (fondly called C-T). I often get the same question, which is:

What is Concept-Therapy and Why Should I Take It, Dr. Cathy?

Well to answer this question truthfully, Concept-Therapy is an experience each one in the class will interpret based on the concepts he holds. I took my first C-T class in 1997 and have been a student and a teacher ever since. The first class I took ignited my passion to learn more about myself and my goals so I could become who I wanted to be. I can say without a doubt that C-T changed me and what I do for the better. I really donʼt know where I would be right now if I hadnʼt taken my first class. One thingʼs for sure; I wouldnʼt be as healthy or successful!

The concepts one adheres to determines our perceptions of what is taking place in our world and why. Some are passed down by our ancestors and certainly by our authority figures; parents, family, teachers, society and what our culture taught us at the time. Things we thought we understood are subject to change and many have changed in our lifetime. There are numerous ideas we have accepted that are helpful and true and yet there are many that are not.

Concept-Therapy, the most comprehensive teaching I have discovered throughout the years of searching, is the power behind Zone Healing Chiropractic. Everyone can benefit from this teaching and will take from it what they need at the time. C-T teaches the principles or laws of life and creates a firm foundation for anyone wanting to understand oneself and/or oneʼs environment. Who isnʼt looking for this, really?

Everyone is looking for the “key” to him or herself. We literally define ourselves and our lives by our perception of concepts, whether we are aware of them or in agreement from a conscious standpoint. In this class we introduce you to a livable workable philosophy that gives you a roadmap of how the origin of life and “YOU” got started and how life and you are progressing. We outline the many ideas associated from a Scientific and a Theological standpoint and then correlate the areas of agreement.

Every human being is looking for the meaning of his or her life. If you are struggling with health, this is for you. If you are struggling with business, this is for you. If you are happy and looking to increase your happiness, this is for you. In fact, Concept-Therapy is for everyone! Our Motto, ”Know Thyself”, is taken from the ancient Greek temples of knowledge. This sign hung over the entrance of every Temple as a person entered. “Never Enough” hung over the exit door!

What would YOU give for an understanding of yourself and life that would open the door to the Inner and Outer You? When we bring forth the highest ideas, ideals and good, we are said to be in the Kingdom of Heaven, at least in Consciousness. Are you conscious of your potential? Are you in harmony with your own ideals? If you are a seeker of knowledge, you will want to take this class and see for yourself. The Concept-Therapy Institute stands so strongly behind this teaching that they offer a money-back guarantee. So please join us and experience this teaching for yourself. What have you got to lose?

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