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Absolute Health Chiropractic

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Best Chiropractic Care
Absolute Health Chiropractic
Led by Dr. Catherine Franklin, this practice is located just outside the perimeter toward Sandy Springs and sees patients from infancy to their 90s. Dr. Cathy takes a holistic approach to health care that includes chiropractic, massage therapy, exercise and nutrition.

Treating the Whole Person

By Jeremy Berman of My Daily Thread

Perhaps Dr. Cathy Franklin was born or destined to work in a Therapeutic capacity. As a child, watching her aunt work as a forward thinking Chiropractor was a great initiation. Dr. Cathy subsequently had a life altering experience at the age of 30 that solidified this path. She was in a major car accident. The doctors said she may never walk again. Her loving Aunt helped guide her back to health using basic chiropractic and healing techniques; “she had me crawl around the house for weeks. It helped me remap my nervous and muscular systems. I eventually was able to walk again,” Dr. Cathy explained. This challenging yet ultimately rewarding experience led to a shift in consciousness and a deep desire to help others with similar stories and challenges.

Dr. Cathy (who uses her given name because it creates a more personal connection with her patients) soon entered training at the renowned Life University Chiropractic School. She graduated and became a certified chiropractor, assisting others as her Aunt had once helped her. Over time, whereas she enjoyed the benefits her patients received from her chiropractic work, Dr. Cathy felt like she could offer more. She began deeply researching dozens of therapeutic and medical practices (both Western and Eastern).

She gleaned learnings from these disciplines that she would ultimately apply to her unique practice, but one practice in particular resonated most deeply with her. It is called Zone Healing, started by another trained chiropractor in the 1940’s, Dr. Thurman Fleet.

Dr. Cathy has refined Dr. Thurman’s theories and principles to create a unique blend to match her own distinctive style and tambor. She utilizes chiropractic adjustments and Therapeutic massage to complement her distilled and successful form of Zone healing. Dr. Cathy is very personable, caring and attentive. Like us, you may be surprised with how accurate she is with her assessment of your overall health status. MDT Hint: Dr. Cathy and her staff treat each and every patient like a member of the family. The MDT Family very much appreciated this comfortable and safe environment. When you get this special deal, you’ll be able to start balancing your mind, body and spirit with Absolute Health Chiropractic — a treatment for the whole person. Start your experience with a 1-hour therapeutic massage. Earn the bonus and experience Dr. Cathy’s one of kind Zone Healing.

Zone Healing

Zone Healing was researched and developed by Dr. Thurman Fleet. Dr. Fleet classified the human body according to the principles inherent in neurology and brain function and he divided it into six systems: Glandular, Eliminative, Nervous, Digestive, Muscular, and Circulatory. Each system is controlled and directed through specific neurological associations in the brain and brainstem.

Dr. Fleet taught that all diseased conditions, aches and pains, and other discomforts experienced by the body can be attributed to disturbances in one or more of these six systems or “Zones.” His theory was that a disturbance in one or more of these systems affects the brain’s ability to direct the system to perform normal functions. Although a person might not notice the disturbance right away, given enough time and enough dysfunction the body eventually manifests disease instead of health.

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