The End of Modern Chiropractic?
What if your chiropractor has been getting it wrong?
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"Traditional Chiropractic" Is Losing Ground to This Forgotten Approach to Healing And Health.

Could it be YOUR Solution?

Chiropractic is a recognized medical procedure wherein a practitioner, better called a chiropractor, uses his hands to help patients get relief from problems associated with the bones, joints and muscles.  It also holds the pathway to sustained, optimal health. 

In most cases, this alternative medicine is mostly concerned with the musculoskeletal system, spine in particular.

But a few chiropractors have getting back to a "LOST DISCIPLINE"  in chiropractic and BRINGING HEALTH TO THOUSANDS under the radar.

It's called "ZONE HEALING."  Here's how it works...

Zones in the human body

According to the chiropractic medicine, the human body has 6 systems or ‘zones’:
• Glandular
• Eliminative
• Digestive
• Nervous
• Muscular
• Circulatory

All aches, discomforts and diseased conditions can be attributed to the disturbances caused to one or more of these zones.

Enter... Zone healing

Zone healing is not new.

It was developed and proved nearly a century ago.

The practice involves stimulating the spine in order to restore the communication in the body, thereby enabling all the zones or systems to function normally.

In simple terms, zone healing involves balancing the functions of the spine and brain in order to enable the body restore itself.

What does a Zone Healing chiropractor do?

A zone healing chiropractor can identify where the disturbance is located and offer remedial measures to deal with the same.

The doctor can feel the specific points on the head that are associated with the brain centers through nerve connections and once he identifies a malfunctioning brain center, he or she works on it until the healing energy is sent up to the brain.

What Treatment Is Like

Chiropractic zone treatment is trusted, effective and painless. It involves identifying zone disturbances and making zone adjustments by removing nerve interferences, which are responsible for blocking the signals from the brain.

This spinal misalignment, also called subluxation is dangerous if not identified or ignored.

A chiropractic doctor applies appropriate pressure at specific points on the spine and ensures signals move without any hindrance from the brain to the organs/tissues. 

Since the human body comes with the ability to miraculously heal itself, damaged tissues repair themselves with support from the immune system.

Why Will Zone Healing Revolutionize Modern Chiropractic?

Zone healing is an excellent technique of letting the body heal itself.

According to several studies, people come to chiropractors and opt for zone therapy after traditional medicine, acupuncture and homeopathy fail to deliver results.

The zone approach follows a non-surgical and integrated method of healing wherein all the systems working within the human body are examined and checked for misalignments.

In other words, the human body is seen as a ‘whole’ within which there are interconnected zones and brain centers working to attain maximum co-ordination and health.

A zone healing chiropractor works on these zones and aims to bring about a balance between the systems.

If you are looking to restore your health naturally, chiropractic is the way to go! The zone healing therapy is getting popular by the day and is here to stay.

Dr. Catherine Franklin is a Zone Healing Chiropractor (Sandy Springs, GA) with certifications in Massage Therapy and Nutrition. Her passionate mantra, "Everyone has a divine right to be healthy," attracts patients from across the United States come to experience healing under her skilled guidance. 

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